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BROMANCE~~i don't know where on earth ryan get dat dope word like that~~after PWNED...

wat r lookin' at dude?? to JP& ryan higa..

ma favorite guys!!!

left : JAY PARK..aka..park jae beom...singer..rapper..korean-american...cute with abs..(i like!heeee...)

right : RYAN HIGA..comedian in YouTube!! most subscriber.. Japanese-american...his videos hilarious!! espcially Chris Brown + Rihanna..he look funny with his million-words-100km-per-second talking~~

those dudes that I can't resist!!! hohooo..

Old PinK maN + NICE aBS...
mR NIce SmilE wiTH uPsiDE DoWN brAIN..

did They looK HOT??
^_^ seem like i adore ASIAN~~
ASIAN rocks!! teheeee...

can follow them on YouTube : = RYAN HIGA..
                                    = JAY PARK..

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